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Dr. Marcelo Pereyra        

Dr. Marcelo A. Pereyra began his pursuit of serving humanity at the University of Florida where he studied nutritional sciences in preparation to become a doctor. After suffering from a traumatic motorcycle injury during his time at the University of Florida he became interested in the healing powers of chiropractic. It was at that time when he enrolled at Life University where he obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic. During his time in Chiropractic school he learned the importance of the nervous system and of its control over the entire human body. He realized that by releasing interference from the spine the nervous system could function at an optimal level allowing for maximum health.

While studying the importance of the nervous system he became interested in Functional Neurology and began to pursue post-graduate studies in the field. Dr. Pereyra has completed 150 hours of post-graduate education in Functional Neurology. His ultimate goal is to obtain the degree of Diplomate in Neurology through the Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies. Dr. Pereyra’s life passion is to serve and educate as many people about the healing potential of the human body and nervous system as possible. The field of functional neurology focuses on “balancing” the brain and nervous system of individuals through a personally tailored program of non-invasive exercises and therapies. Dr. Pereyra has also had hands-on experience through his clinical training in post-stroke rehab.

Beyond his Chiropractic education, Dr. Marcelo A. Pereyra is pursuing his master’s degree in human nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. He is also working on obtaining his Diplomate in Nutrition, by pursuing numerous amounts of post-graduate hours at Functional Medicine University. Dr. Pereyra became interested in nutrition after suffering from a variety of bodily symptoms for years without getting any relief. He quickly realized that the American health care system had its struggles with getting the sick person well. Frustrated with the lack of results of conventional medicine, he decided another path would suit him better. This is where he stumbled on something called Functional Medicine. After running more personalized lab panels on himself he realized that he was suffering from an autoimmune thyroid condition call Hashimoto’s. Ever since his diagnosis of Hashimoto’s thyroid he has been able to eliminate and control his symptoms through proper diet and supplementation. Dr. Pereyra has a huge passion for helping others through his knowledge and experience with lifestyle and nutritional modifications that achieve a higher state of wellness.

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